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The church has decided to use PayPal to handle online payments of donations/tithes. Unfortunately, even though we are non-profit, PayPal still charges fees on each transaction. We have created a calculator to determine the fees that will be charged by PayPal. This calculator will accept the amount that you would like the church to end up with, after fees. It will give you the amount to donate via PayPal to ensure the church gets the desired amount, after fees.
Keep in mind that the church will only attribute to you the amount received after any PayPal fees.

Enter amount you want the church to end up with (you can always override the amount to send to PayPal):  Click box to include PayPal fees in your donation.

Your total amount is : 0.00 (Currency: USD)

If you choose ‘Other’, click in the Comments/Instructions area and fill out how you would like your donation distributed.


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