Donations/Tithes Help Page

This page will give you a step by step view of how to use the Donations/Tithes page.

The first screen you will see is something like this:

PayPal is our method of electronic payment acceptance.  Unfortunately PayPal will charge us fees irregardless of our non-profit status.  Actually they DO lower the fees a bit for non-profits so it could be worse.

PayPal removes the fees from the amount processed before it is credited to the church’s account.  Therefore if you wanted the church to get $100, after PayPal fees the church would end up with less than that.  This fee is for the convenience of using electronic payments from your checking account or credit card.

An alternative way to ensure the church ends up with the desired amount (in this example $100) is to add the PayPal fees to the payment amount.  This way YOU are paying for this convenience rather than the church.  We have a calculator on this page that will figure out these fees for you.  We will cover how to do this in the next images.


This is the part of the screen where you fill in the amount you want to go to the church.  Put the $ amount in the first box.

We have put in the amount we want to donate to the church, in this example $100.  Now we check the box that says  “Click box to include PayPal fees in your donation”.  This will show what the donation needs to be to include the fees in your donation.

Now we see how much would be donated to PayPal ($102.56) to achieve a donation that totals $100 to the church.

The next step is to determine where you want your donation to be allocated.  Click on the drop down and choose the category for your donation.  If you want to split your donation to multiple destinations, see the next screen.

In this situation we have chosen the ‘Other’ category and we have given instructions on how to break up the donation.  Remember that you can choose to override the ‘Donation Amount’ by putting in any amount you want.  Just remember that PayPal fees will be removed from this amount.

After you are satisfied with all the information you will next press the “Donate” button.

After pressing the “Donate” button, you will see a PayPal screen like this.  You can either signon to your PayPal account to make your payment OR you can use the option on the lower left to make a single payment via PayPal without creating an account.

If you have any questions about this procedure you can email us by clicking here.


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